February 24, 2018.  Matthew Ferry.

Today we launched – our website presenting our new product TimeSnap. This blog will be a place where we share what we learn as we go through this journey and also a home for some really great content of interest to our customers.

Who is our product for?

TimeSnap is software as a service for teams that work on a billable hour basis. The motto for our product is “Do the work. Bill the clients. Pay the team.”

We like that motto because it describes perfectly how our customers run their businesses. Our purpose is to provide a modern, simple and affordable time tracking solution for design agencies, custom software shops, staffing firms, service providers – and any similar type of business that bills or pays by the hour.

Our customers think in basic terms: clients have projects; projects have different kinds of tasks; staff have assignments to do particular types of tasks on particular projects. Each staff person costs x amount per hour. Each task on a project is worth y amount to be billed to the client. The difference between x and y is how our customer’s make money. The hours for each task on each project, along with dates and notes become invoices sent to clients. The hours also turn into amounts that must be paid to the staff.

What do our customers want?

The business model of our customers is very simple. They want the software to be simple too. They need four things from the system: 1) simple and easy time tracking for their team, 2) an easy way to get billing done, 3) an easy way to get staff paid, and 4) some basic reports about project costs and hours. That is all they want from a time tracking system. With TimeSnap we will achieve that and not get in the way.

Please review our product information to see if TimeSnap can help you.

Launch Date

We are furiously working on the last few details for MVP of our product and expect to launch by April 1st, 2018 (that is not an April fools day joke – we really mean it.)

Launch List and Early Adopters Discount

We are planning on offering a significant early adopter’s discount for anyone who signs up on our launch interest list, prior to April 1st, 2018. If you think TimeSnap will be a good fit for your team – please head over to our launch list sign up here

Let us hear from you!

We are just getting started in this space and its an exciting time for us. If you have any thoughts or feedback, or questions on our product – please don’t be shy!

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